• Mar 06, 2015
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6 Master Bedroom Design Tips

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by April Force Pardoe

When you walk into your master bedroom at the end of a long day does it feel like a retreat that welcomes you? You deserve a room that is calm and inviting and is as well-decorated as the rest of your home.  If you have put off decorating your master bedroom, here are six bedroom design tips to improve your decor without creating a whole new room.

1. Add drapes.

If you have blinds or shutters to block the light, but never got around to adding drapes to your master bedroom, you should consider adding them. Drapes add softness, pattern and color to a room. They can also be closed to block out light if needed, or stay open to frame a window.

Master Bedroom designs

2. Add warmth & color at your feet.

Adding an area rug to a room with wood floors (or even on carpet) is a great way to add warmth, color and define a space. A large area rug that runs under the bottom 2/3 of your bed and extends out around 3 sides (so your feet have a soft spot to land when you get out of bed), is a great way to add color and softness. With the right rug pad you can also add an area rug onto of wall-to-wall carpet.

master bedroom designs


Area Rug from Sphinx by Oriental Weavers, available at Carpet One Floor & Home.

3. Upgrade your lighting.

Most bedrooms have one light fixture or fan in the center of ceiling that is intended to light the entire room. That placement doesn't work. Lighting is so important for function and mood. Consider upgrading your current light fixture to a wonderful chandelier. To add more light consider adding recessed lights to better illuminate the room. Finally, take a look at your bedside lights. They are likely too small (see #3). Adding new, larger bedside lamps will go a long way to upgrading your master bedroom decor.

4. Go big with bedside tables.

Like your lights (see #2), your bedside tables are likely too small for the scale of your bed and room. Consider a chest of drawers for a bedside table to maximize your storage and create a nice tabletop space for your bigger lamp, a vase of flowers and a few pretty picture frames. Create an elegant space beside your bed -- you'll see it first thing in the morning and last thing at night so it should be pretty!

master bedroom designs

5. Lower and increase the size of your art.

This tip applies throughout your home, but especially in your bedroom. You are most often viewing your art and wall photos while seated or lying in bed. They should be at eye level. Lower your art to meet your eyes and your room will come alive. Also make sure your art fits the wall it's on. An 8x10 inch frame is too small to hang alone on one large wall. Large walls need large art or a cluster of smaller frames that together appear as one large piece of art. If you have art over your headboard it should be about 2/3 the width of your bed.

6. Layer your bedding.

This may be the most important thing you can do to upgrade your bedroom. After all, your bedding is the largest visual in this room and it should reflect the feeling you want in the room. If you have a comforter or duvet that you like you can improve your room by adding a few more layers to the bed. A soft blanket at the foot of the bed, a few toss pillows or new sheets and bed skirt to complete the experience. Select a palette you love and build your bed based on that palette.

master bedroom designs


About April

master bedroom designsApril Force Pardoe is interior designer and owner of AFP Interiors.

"What excites me about my work as an interior designer is the look of absolute delight that shows up on my clients’ faces when they see their finished rooms. Their ‘wow’ reaction lets me know that my listening skills and ability to envision what they could not see, has made a profound and happy impact that will last for years."

Find out more about AFP Interiors.






*Photos in this post represent the tips provided by April Force Pardoe but are not designs by AFP Interiors.

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