• Jan 03, 2017
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4 Top Design Trends for 2017

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Terracotta, tuxedo, cork and kilim. These four design trends are expected to flood Pinterest boards and interiors in 2017. From the latest issue of our digital home design magazine, Beautiful Design Made Simple, we’ve compiled our favorite pins inspired by these top trends.


From terracotta tiling to terracotta-clad walls, the distinct coloring of the naturally-derived earthenware adds instant warmth and dimension to any space. So distinct, in fact, that even a little bit of this beautiful hue can make a big difference within a room. So if new paint or tiling isn't in the cards, don't worry, you can expect to see an increasing amount of terracotta-inspired decor items from home design retailers throughout the year. 

Home Design Trends 2017, Terracotta Decorvia Joanna Glogaza + Colleen Terry


Elegant, simple and balanced, tuxedo kitchens offer homeowners a classic look with striking, contemporary contrast. The classic combo also compliments another rising trend in kitchen & bath - mixed metals. From lighting to plumbing to hardware, designers and homeowners alike are experimenting with finish combinations such as the popular matte black and brass. 

Interior Design Trends 2017, Black and White Kitchens, Tuxedo Kitchens via Emily Faith + One Kings Lane


With natural textiles and materials continuing to gain popularity in interior design, it's no surprise that cork has been positioned as one of 2017's top trends for interiors. We just LOVE this cork wall both for its visual appeal and practicality. This design is perfectly suited to an office, kitchen or kids room space, but don't discriminate! This trend can be incorporated just about anywhere. Other ways to include cork within the home? Flooring, of course. If new floors are on your 2017 to-do list, don't make the mistake of not considering cork. The super-resilient, super-supportive flooring product is not only gorgeous, it's eco-friendly and naturally hypoallergenic. 

Home Decor Trends 2017, Cork Decor via Lidewij Smeur + Apartment Therapy


Boasting unique geometric patterns and remarkable coloring, kilim print adds head-turning interest to any space. Not comfortable with bold print or color? Start small. Purchase a single throw pillow like the beautiful piece below and display within a neutral room. We promise, this small touch of kilim won't disappoint. Feeling brave? Purchase a runner for your hall or kitchen. Again, it's nearly impossible to go wrong with this traditional print!  

Interior Design Trends 2017, Kilim Print  via Domino Magazine + Lindsay Marcella

Can't get enough of trends? We're with you. Read through the entire 2017 Trends Issue of Beautiful Design Made Simple to browse over 100 design trends that are set to define interiors this year. Or, head to our 2017 Design Trends Board on Pinterest to save these ideas and many more for your home.

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